Bookkeeping services
for small businesses

We're a Melbourne based bookkeeping office renowned for our highly professional, reliable and accurate service.
FREE health check on your books!

Ensuring the best possible service

Reliable and Accurate

We use the Pure Bookkeeping System, providing the best practices for bookkeeping, reporting, BAS lodgement, and guaranteed accuracy.

Experienced and Qualified

All of our bookkeepers are highly trained, experienced and qualified workers who have passed The Pure Bookkeeping System skills & training assessments.

Melbourne Based

Abigail R Burton is based in Tasman Avenue, Strathmore Heights. We have clients from all around Victoria, with enquires even coming from interstate clients looking for the best!

What a health check can do for you

A check on your books lets both parties know the state of your business' bookkeeping and highlights areas that need to be addressed before they effect the reports you're making to the ATO. Health checks can discover hidden cash flow issues, or bring to light that the company's debt far outweighs its assets.

Good accounts are the basis of a good business. If you don't have an accurate grasp of your financial situation, your plans will be based on little more than guesswork. Investors and lenders will also want to see well-organized finances to evaluate your business before they commit to funding it.

FREE health check on your books!
Abigail R. Burton Bookkeeping

I would recommend Abigail to any small business operator needing a proficient, efficient and generally helpful bookkeeping service. Abigail is knowledgable, friendly to work with and has certainly taken a weight off my shoulders by looking after our books. I basically don't need to worry about them or think about them until it's time to pay the ATO some money!"